Let’s get to work.

Labi KousoulisLabi KousoulisLabi KousoulisHappy Holidays!

It’s been a busy season for everyone, and I’m proud of the remarkable achievements of our community.  Congratulations to our students on their hard work and passing their exams, to the incredible volunteers of organizations such as the Terry Fox Run and the Halifax Cycling Coalition, and to our own local Order of Nova Scotia recipients, Dr. Richard Goldbloom and Ms. Ruth Whitehead.

Enjoy the holiday season, and a well-deserved break.  I look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

In the meanwhile, I encourage you to get in touch with us at the constituency office.  With your help, we can further build our community and make Halifax even stronger and more vibrant.  I look forward to meeting you, learning about your ideas, and hearing your concerns.

Together, I know we’ll succeed.


Labi Kousoulis.





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